Career Counselling


YOUTH is the most important asset for any family, for any society or for any country. YOUTH plays KEY ROLE in the overall growth of family, society, national economy in many other sectors. Pakistan is one of the very very rare countries, which has highest YOUNG population which has more than 60% Youth population. If we utilize our YOUTH with proper planning, it may ultimately lead to unstoppable growth.


But unfortunately, In Pakistan, our youth is generally unaware of what to do in their life for career growth because no one is there to properly guide them. Once they grown up and gets burden of responsibilities from all directions, they realize they have done nothing in their life and remained behind from many fellows who were well-guided for the career. While most of the parents are also unaware of the latest trends and requirements in the Job Market and newly introduced Education fields because trends and requirements are changing every now and then.


Since Education has become so much Commercialized that no institute, no individual can guide you properly for your betterment just because every institution wants to see their own financial benefit. For example, no university will suggest you a better university other than their own university because ultimately they want as many students as they can, just to increase revenue. We being a separate entity has no financial interests from any University or any specific educational institute. Therefore, we can guide you with pure neutrality, kindness and without any financial interest.


WE GUIDE – Solutions and Consultants (Private) Limited is the only platform in Pakistan, where you will find highly experienced and foreign qualified Consultants. We will guide the youth everything from A to Z with complete assistance, as per the interests and ambitions of them. Such as :

  1. Preference – Selection of Education Field
  2. Preference – Selection of University for Admissions
  3. Preference – Selection of Major Exams & Trainings (disclosed once contacted)
  4. Preference – Selection of Skilled Courses as per field of Business and Job Market.
  5. Preference – Selection of Professional Certifications
  6. Preference – Job Placement Assistance & Guidance.
  7. Preference – Documentation Support from Government Bodies.


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